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Real soon now, any day, even any moment, real  “AHA!” posts will appear here, really…..

In the meanwhile, why not go look at the real world from the jaundiced view of  “Himagain” , (the scourge of the Left
and the pinprick of the Right) by subscribing to   KNOWNEWS?

All you need do is  request a copy of ” KnowNews” a random but valuable E-Letter with which to astound, enlighten and bemuse your friends and mebbe even yourself?

It contains information purloined, borrowed, generated and a great connect-the-dots ability to answer those annoying questions about why “They” are doing it to you….


About: Lumosity

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That isn’t a word – it is a website with a LOT of information about exercising your brain – and actual worthwhile data demonstrating how mental exercise can improve ALL of your vita functions . Its scientific approach can not be faulted very readily at all.  While it does aim to get you to enrol in its fee-based program, for many of you it will be just the thing.

Home – Lumosity


However THIS website has been designed to make  the development/enhancing of your rapidly deteriorating and virtually unused brain a fascinating journey into the unknown. Your unknown.

Take this quick test of your memory/conditioning: Click  here:

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